Trades are distributed via SMS 90 mins prior to meeting start. Schedule as follows:

Australia -Wednesday/Saturday (Also group/listed/carnival days)

UK | Ireland - Thursday/Saturday

Hong Kong - Wednesday/Sunday

Singapore - Friday/Sunday

Japan- Saturday/Sunday

After the trial is over - Package costs are as follows:

$29.95 per week for Weds/Sat Australian racing.

$19.95 for Aus Saturday Only 

$89.95 for Europe per month (Average 40 trades per month)

$89.95 for Asia per Month (Average 40 trades per month)

$249.95 per month for Global Complete (All services, approx. 30 trades per week)

What is Racepal Global?

Racepal Global is a joint venture between Racepal Australia and one of the most sophisticated global computer thoroughbred racing trading syndicates. 

What’s the difference between Racepal Australia and Racepal Global?

Racepal Australia is a high turnover daily analysis and staking program for Australian thoroughbred racing. Proven over a huge sample size - Racepal Australia’s provable edge is a must have for any thoroughbred trader wishing to add an extra edge to their game.

Racepal Australia has built it’s own proprietary thoroughbred algorithmic modelling technology, which solely focuses on the Australian market. It’s a daily analysis service, providing anywhere from 2-10 trades everyday of the week. Racepal Australia Tech consistently delivers profits, Racepal Australia Tech is an absolute must have analysis tool for any individual wishing to trade profitably in the Australian thoroughbred markets.

Results speak for themselves, consistency is key. Racepal Australia’s Proprietary technology has and continues to deliver day in day out across all of Australian racing. If you’re looking to increase your turnover daily and maximise your edge in the Australian thoroughbred racing markets, then Racepal Australia Tech is an ideal service for you.

Racepal Australia Tech provides you with all the ingredients to trade profitably daily in the Australian thoroughbred markets. Click here to visit Racepal Australia

How does the suggested unit staking work?

1 unit should represent 1% of your allocated bankroll. For example, if you allocated a $10,000 starting bankroll, 1 unit stake would equate $100 - this is an aggressive bankroll management strategy and you will encounter bouts of variance staking in this manner. If you wish to be more conservative, simply operate on a 200 or 250 unit bankroll.

A breakdown to how to read the SMS delivered daily ?

R = Race

# = Saddle Number

U = unit stake

AP = Assessed Price or “True probability”

How Often Are Trades Sent out?

Australia - The Morning of Wednesday/Saturday and on the morning of special Carnival Days

Europe - The Day of the meeting, this could be any day of the week. Averaging 10 trades per week.

Asia - The Day of the meeting, this could be any day of the week. Averaging 10 trades per week.

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