Racepal Global is a joint venture between Racepal Australia and one of the most sophisticated syndicates trading in the global thoroughbred racing markets.

Racepal Australia has a respected reputation, built on consistently profitable results, openness and transparency. Partnering with one of the most sophisticated algorithmic computer trading syndicates operating in the global racing markets - our goal is to take the Racepal experience and profitability to new heights.

It’s no secret, professional trading syndicates operating in the Australian fixed odds markets have dozens of individuals across Australia betting at on-track and via multiple bookmaker accounts on their behalf. This is so they can increase their turnover in order to realise their true expected value. However, this logistically and operationally presents issues, managing multiple people, cash money, etc.

To supplement their existing Australian trading operations, the Racepal Global joint venture will provide an additional revenue vertical by providing a portion of their best-in-class analysis via b2c subscription from the 1st July - 31st December.

We look forward to working for you and taking your trading to the next level this Spring carnival.


Reece Crowther

Racepal, Founder